Matthew Miner

The Christmas Crane Comes Down

It’s been over two years since the Christmas Crane turned its lights on. Today the construction workers packed it up.

Crane disassembly

In the pit the crane once hovered over now stands a massive condo building, Pillsbury Tower aka Poppin’ Fresh Place aka Michelin Man Manor (its real name is “The Butterfly”, but I prefer mine).

Condo tower

The building is so tall that it’s difficult to capture a photo of it. My camera’s panorama mode gives the impression that it’s tilting backwards, but in person the sides are reassuringly perpendicular.

It’s been entertaining to watch this get built. Every day I see workers perform death defying-stunts, hanging off the side of the building or casually peering over the edge 40 floors up.

Crane disassembly zoomed

I bet they look across at me seated at my desk and think I’m also a badass.