Matthew Miner

Boil ’Em, Mash ’Em, Stick ’Em In A Stew

Recently I learned about Dan Quayle, vice president during the H.W. Bush administration. One of the defining moments of his career, and what he’s often remembered for, was misspelling “potato” while presiding over an elementary school spelling bee.

I sympathize with Dan Quayle because this is the exact same mistake that cost me the regional grade five spelling bee. When asked to spell potato I added an e at the end: “potatoe”. Frankly I still think it ought to be spelled that way.

This gaffe (mine, not Dan’s) has haunted me for years. But now that I know someone as important as VPOTUS can make the same blunder, I feel better about my loss. He also claimed that we’ll be able to breath the air on Mars.