Matthew Miner

Shine On You Crazy Plankton

This past September I absconded with the rest of the folks at Streak to Galiano Island for a company off-site.1 It’s pleasant: trees, rocks, ocean, trails. It also boasts bioluminescent algae, or “dinoflagellates” if you want to sound like a genius.

We were able to glimpse the algae by swishing a stick around in the water at night. It looks like sparks. Apparently it lights up when disturbed as a defense mechanism. This strikes me as a uniquely terrible way to camouflage yourself from predators, but hey, you do you algae.

I tried but failed to capture it on camera. For a video that’ll really knock your socks off though, check out these dolphins swimming through the stuff:

Nature, you so crazy.

  1. Back when off-sites were a thing you could do instead of cowering in your bedroom begging for the coronavirus to give it up already.