Matthew Miner

Methodic Branding Refresh

The Unity Asset Store recently updated their image size requirements, so I took the opportunity to give the branding for Methodic a fresh coat of paint. Here’s the old hero graphic:

Old Methodic Unity Asset Store page

I was going for minimalism, but let’s be real, it’s dreary stuff. For a refresh I wanted an isometric style, if for no other reason than I had just visited Cmd’s website and dug the look (it’s a real sexy home page, very “competent cyberpunk”).1

I outsourced the graphic design to Fiverr. This was my first time using a freelancer marketplace (believe it or not, that old Methodic branding was made in-house). I roughed out this quick sketch for the designer to work from:

New Methodic graphic sketch

I’m trying to communicate that Methodic allows you to run your game code via a GUI. I don’t think it totally succeeds, but in any case the designer mdaproject did a fantastic job turning my clumsy napkin doodle into a polished graphic.2

New Methodic hero graphic

The turnaround was quick and the designer was responsive when I requested tweaks. Painless experience overall. Will use Fiverr again.

  1. The isometric aesthetic is definitely in right now. It’ll look dated come the new year, but hey that’s fashion baby. 

  2. There are pages and pages of talented designers on Fiverr producing isometric graphics. A perk of jumping on a bandwagon is that you have plenty of options.