Matthew Miner

Unity Selection History Navigator

Sometimes in Unity I want to quickly re-select a game object I previously had selected. You too right? So I built an editor extension that adds web browser-style Back and Forward menus to cycle through previous selections. Click a few game objects in the Hierarchy or assets in the Project pane then press command [ (macOS) or ctrl [ (Windows) to return to the previous selection.

After navigating backward, you can also navigate forward using command ] (macOS) or ctrl ] (Windows). The more mouse-inclined can find the corresponding menu items under the Edit > Selection menu.

Selection History Navigator menu

Sidebar: if you’re unfamiliar with the Load / Save Selection options also under Edit > Selection, you owe it to yourself to become acquainted with them. Damn useful. Hunting around for the deeply nested game object you had selected moments ago can be a thing of the past and if that’s not worth celebrating then nothing is.

To get rolling, grab the SelectionHistoryNavigator.cs file from here and drop it into your project. That’s it. Go bananas.