Matthew Miner

What Is My IP Address LaunchBar Action

Often I need to find my external IP address, warranting a trip to To speed this up I created a LaunchBar action that fetches the info for me. It’s a simple wrapper around a one-liner that requests and parses the IP address reported by Dyn.

curl --silent | grep --extended-regexp --only-matching '\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+'

This is useful on its own as a shell command, but when available as part of your LaunchBar workflow it becomes even handier.1

What Is My IP Address? LaunchBar Action

Download a signed version of the action here. Money back guaranteed.

  1. No foolin’, LaunchBar is a damn fine piece of software that has saved me countless hours over the years and keeps improving as I find actions like these and write my own. I’m such a fan.